Chelmsford City Sports

“Where on Earth is the car park?”

… Leisure centre website insights

We’d heard that it was difficult to find info about the splash pool at the Riverside Leisure Centre in Chelmsford. 

So we did what we do best and ran some usability tests to find out if that was true.  The results will surprise you!

I hope @chelmsfordcitysports can use this to make things better.

Watch our usability test below.

Audible User Testing

“I don’t want a 30 day free trial!”

… Audible breaks conventions

We were tipped off about a possible issue on the Audible website.

A friend of ours had got a new phone and wanted to login to check what books they had. She knew her login details but just couldn’t work out where to put them.

Just try not to shout out ‘it’s right there in front of you!’.

Watch our usability test below.

Kindle App User Test

“I wanted to smash my phone into a thousand pieces”

… Kindle iOS app frustrates

The Kindle app is fantastic. For the most part the user experience is great.

It is especially good if you’re a student as you can make notes in the app that you can search for later. Whilst we were running some usability tests with some students we came across some interesting findings.

In this real world use case, our student is trying to find some notes he made. What kind of user experience does he expect? Easy peasy, surely?

But here’s the catch. He’s on a train, his battery is low and he hasn’t got the book downloaded to his phone.

Is his user experience so bad that he smashes his phone in disgust?

Watch our usability test below to find out.