BCKR, a company offering unique services to solicitors and barristers, partnered with YuzaLab to revamp their brand assets and enhance their online presence. The primary objectives were to develop a new brand strategy, create a visually appealing website, and improve engagement with their target audience.

To begin, YuzaLab conducted an in-depth analysis of BCKR’s existing brand assets and market positioning. We conducted interviews with key stakeholders and performed competitor research to gain a comprehensive understanding of BCKR’s unique value proposition and target audience.

Based on the findings, YuzaLab collaborated closely with BCKR to develop a new brand strategy that effectively communicated their offerings, expertise, and values. This included refining their brand messaging, visual identity, and tone of voice to resonate with their audience.

Building upon the new brand strategy, YuzaLab developed a visually captivating website design that showcased BCKR’s services, testimonials, and industry insights. The design incorporated intuitive navigation, clear calls-to-action, and mobile responsiveness to enhance the user experience across devices.

In addition to the website design, YuzaLab also provided hosting and technical support, resolving long-standing technical concerns that BCKR had been facing. This ensured a seamless and reliable browsing experience for their website visitors.

Recognizing the importance of effective email marketing, YuzaLab advised BCKR to transition from MailPoet to MailChimp. We developed visually appealing email templates aligned with the new brand assets and implemented automated email campaigns to nurture leads and drive engagement.

As a result of the brand transformation and website redesign, BCKR experienced a notable increase in website traffic, engagement, and lead generation. The cohesive brand assets and messaging established a stronger brand identity, resonating with their target audience and increasing trust and credibility.

The transition to MailChimp further improved their email marketing efforts, leading to higher open rates and click-through rates. This translated into increased engagement and conversions, ultimately driving business growth for BCKR.

YuzaLab’s ongoing partnership with BCKR continues to ensure that their website remains secure, optimized, and aligned with their evolving business needs. Regular monitoring and performance analysis enable us to provide data-driven recommendations for continuous improvement.

In conclusion, YuzaLab’s comprehensive approach helped BCKR achieve their business goals by transforming their brand assets, improving their online presence, and optimizing their digital marketing efforts. BCKR has successfully positioned itself as a trusted authority in their industry, driving increased engagement, conversions, and overall business success.

Audible User Testing

“I don’t want a 30 day free trial!”

… Audible breaks conventions

We were tipped off about a possible issue on the Audible website.

A friend of ours had got a new phone and wanted to login to check what books they had. She knew her login details but just couldn’t work out where to put them.

Just try not to shout out ‘it’s right there in front of you!’.

Watch our usability test below.

Kindle App User Test

“I wanted to smash my phone into a thousand pieces”

… Kindle iOS app frustrates

The Kindle app is fantastic. For the most part the user experience is great.

It is especially good if you’re a student as you can make notes in the app that you can search for later. Whilst we were running some usability tests with some students we came across some interesting findings.

In this real world use case, our student is trying to find some notes he made. What kind of user experience does he expect? Easy peasy, surely?

But here’s the catch. He’s on a train, his battery is low and he hasn’t got the book downloaded to his phone.

Is his user experience so bad that he smashes his phone in disgust?

Watch our usability test below to find out.