BCKR, a company offering unique services to solicitors and barristers, partnered with YuzaLab to revamp their brand assets and enhance their online presence. The primary objectives were to develop a new brand strategy, create a visually appealing website, and improve engagement with their target audience.

To begin, YuzaLab conducted an in-depth analysis of BCKR’s existing brand assets and market positioning. We conducted interviews with key stakeholders and performed competitor research to gain a comprehensive understanding of BCKR’s unique value proposition and target audience.

Based on the findings, YuzaLab collaborated closely with BCKR to develop a new brand strategy that effectively communicated their offerings, expertise, and values. This included refining their brand messaging, visual identity, and tone of voice to resonate with their audience.

Building upon the new brand strategy, YuzaLab developed a visually captivating website design that showcased BCKR’s services, testimonials, and industry insights. The design incorporated intuitive navigation, clear calls-to-action, and mobile responsiveness to enhance the user experience across devices.

In addition to the website design, YuzaLab also provided hosting and technical support, resolving long-standing technical concerns that BCKR had been facing. This ensured a seamless and reliable browsing experience for their website visitors.

Recognizing the importance of effective email marketing, YuzaLab advised BCKR to transition from MailPoet to MailChimp. We developed visually appealing email templates aligned with the new brand assets and implemented automated email campaigns to nurture leads and drive engagement.

As a result of the brand transformation and website redesign, BCKR experienced a notable increase in website traffic, engagement, and lead generation. The cohesive brand assets and messaging established a stronger brand identity, resonating with their target audience and increasing trust and credibility.

The transition to MailChimp further improved their email marketing efforts, leading to higher open rates and click-through rates. This translated into increased engagement and conversions, ultimately driving business growth for BCKR.

YuzaLab’s ongoing partnership with BCKR continues to ensure that their website remains secure, optimized, and aligned with their evolving business needs. Regular monitoring and performance analysis enable us to provide data-driven recommendations for continuous improvement.

In conclusion, YuzaLab’s comprehensive approach helped BCKR achieve their business goals by transforming their brand assets, improving their online presence, and optimizing their digital marketing efforts. BCKR has successfully positioned itself as a trusted authority in their industry, driving increased engagement, conversions, and overall business success.

Your Fairytale Holiday

We were approached by Your Fairytale Holiday, a bespoke travel agency, to improve the design of their website. The goal was to increase online bookings and improve the overall user experience for customers.

Our approach focused on simplifying the booking process and highlighting the unique offerings of Your Fairytale Holiday. We also incorporated high-quality images and videos to showcase destinations and create a sense of wanderlust for potential customers.

Through user testing and data analysis, we identified several areas for improvement on the previous website design. For example, the booking process was overly complex and not clearly explained, which resulted in a high abandonment rate. By simplifying the process and providing clear calls-to-action, we were able to increase the number of bookings made through the website by 20%.

Additionally, we improved the overall aesthetic of the website, making it more visually appealing and easy to navigate. This resulted in an increase in the amount of time users spent on the site, with a 22% decrease in bounce rate.

Overall, the redesign of Your Fairytale Holiday’s website was a success. By focusing on user needs, we were able to increase online bookings, decrease bounce rate and improve the overall customer experience. Your Fairytale Holiday saw an overall increase in revenue due to these improvements.

YuzaLab is proud to have played a role in the success of Your Fairytale Holiday and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to drive even more business growth.

Design Process

Our design process for Your Fairytale Holiday’s website began with research and analysis. We conducted user interviews and surveys to gather insights on the current website, as well as the needs and pain points of their target audience. We also analysed website data to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Based on our research, we created a design strategy that focused on simplifying the booking process, highlighting the unique offerings of Your Fairytale Holiday, and incorporating high-quality images and videos to create a sense of wonder for potential customers.

We then created wireframes and mockups of the new website design, which were reviewed and iterated upon with the client to ensure they met the business goals and addressed the user needs identified in the research phase.

Once the design was finalised, we began the development phase, where the website was built and implemented. Throughout this phase, we conducted user testing to gather feedback on the new design and make any necessary adjustments.

Finally, we launched the new website and conducted post-launch analysis to measure the success of the redesign. This included tracking metrics such as bookings, bounce rate, and time on site to understand the impact of the new design on the business goals and user experience.

In summary, our design process for Your Fairytale Holiday’s website involved research and analysis, strategy development, design and development, testing, and post-launch analysis.

Who-Dini Escape Rooms

Who-Dini Escape rooms are a small business with big ideas. Spotting the opportunity to be the first escape room in the town, they moved quickly to get the new attraction up and running.

They needed to get their website up and running quickly too, and start taking bookings as soon as possible.  Their requirements for the new website were quite complex.  It had to:

  • Look really slick and professional, showcasing them as a high quality entertainment attraction
  • Take bookings from day one
  • Handle payments securely
  • Enable staff to manage bookings
  • Provide quality usage, bookings and performance information

Oh, and it had to launch in 3 weeks!

At YuzaLab, we love a challenge, and had just the product to meet the needs of the Who-Dini team. We implemented our quick-launch package which enables us quickly deploy a high quality and fully featured website and then allows for customisation further down the line.  This enables businesses like Who-Dini Escape Rooms to quickly start attracting visitors and taking bookings and then add features and functionality as the business matures.

Once the new website was built, it only took 10 minutes to train the team, and they were up and running.  Of course, the team at YuzaLab are on hand to support when required.

To complement the quick-launch website for Who-Dini Escape Rooms, YuzaLab also designed custom brand assets to create a slick and professional image for the business. We crafted a visually captivating logo that captured the essence of mystery and excitement, aligning with the escape room experience. Additionally, we developed a consistent visual identity by selecting an appealing color palette and typography that reflected the brand’s high-quality entertainment offering. These brand assets were seamlessly integrated into the website design, ensuring a cohesive and memorable brand presence for Who-Dini Escape Rooms. The result was a visually appealing website with a strong brand identity, enabling Who-Dini to make a lasting impression on their target audience from day one.

Do you need to get a website up and running quickly?  Get in touch and let’s see if YuzaLab could quick-launch your website.

Responsive website design mockup

Ninja Printing UK

We started working with Steve Powell from Chelmsford-based Ninja Printing earlier this year, soon after he had set up the business. As a new lockdown start-up company, Ninja Printing had created their own initial website by hand and now wanted to take the next steps to increase their customer base and to give the business a more professional edge.

In addition to our personal interactions with Steve, by reviewing their social media and existing site we got to know his personality and the wider aims for Ninja Printing. We then set about bringing the online business in line with this style and ethos to truly reflect who they are.

Identifying the limitations and creating a new idea

From the outset, it was clear that Ninja Printing knew they needed to make progress in a few areas and that they weren’t happy with how the existing website was working for them. Working together with them, the issues we agreed needed attention were:

  • The look and feel needed to be more professional
  • Functionality and connection with other parts of the business needed improving
  • Issues with the sales process needed resolving
  • Scalability was required for future product lines and services
  • The company’s Facebook presence needed to be tied in to avoid further ineffective spend

Taking these focus areas, we asked Ninja Printing to show us examples of sites they felt had the features and the style that they were after. This competitor analysis, combined with some of our own previous work we highlighted, then gave a more rounded view of the direction they wanted to go and led the structure and design ideas in our proposal.

Delivering the new solution

Having had our proposal agreed, we set about starting the design to enhance the strength of the Ninja Printing branding and give them the tools to market, manage and deliver their business all in one place. They were already clear on their target customers, wanting to find a balance between printing and art work for professionals and businesses, and providing a range of novelty gifts for the wider public.

To help achieve this, we focused on a tone within the design and text that reflected how flexible and welcoming Steve and the team were to solving the problems of their customers, and always with high-quality results. We then worked to integrate their Facebook page to achieve consistency of branding and messaging, and to show live offers and order options. We also added behind-the-scenes functionality to enable similar integration of eBay and Amazon – allowing Ninja Printing far greater flexibility for growing in the future.

Management of the sales and stock process was next on the list. We needed to iron out previous problems with delivery and sales pricing that had crept into the previous site, and build a more professional and effective system for Steve and the team to run the business. So, we put in an order management system to the website structure that gave Ninja Printing control of their inventory, stock, sales orders and customer engagement all in one system. This would save them plenty of time, effort and money in their day-to-day work, which was an important box to tick.

Handing over the reins

We knew how important it was to provide a system that Steve and the Ninja Printing team could use effectively, so selected tools and systems that work well in combination with each other. We chose WordPress for content management paired with WooCommerce to provide the eCommerce functionality because we knew these could do everything they needed now and that they would likely need for the future – with a set up they could control themselves from the day they went live.

It was then time to deliver the site and show Steve and the team the online functionality we had created for different parts of the business. With great feedback and a little more testing, we then spent time providing a range of training and tips for using the order management system and making the most of the new strings to their bow.

With everything ready, we set the new site live.

Going live and taking the next steps

The results have so far been fantastic.

Since going live, Ninja Printing have seen a 200% increase in sales in the first two weeks – meaning they are already seeing a return on the investment they put into revitalising their online business. They’ve also received some great customer feedback that the site is now more professional and easier to use. It’s always so nice to see such a positive response so soon after launch.

But going live is not the end, just the start of the next phase for the business. We have since been working with Steve on a subscription ordering model and a private shop service page for an existing customer. We’ll also be revisiting the site in future to analyse the customer experience and identify any changes needed to engage with new target customers and to meet the expansion of the business.

We’re here to help with any questions and further training at any time too, as we’re always a long-term partner for our clients, not a service provider. And in Ninja Printing, we now have a new partner ready for the next stage in their journey.

Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Pat a Cake Creations

Pat a Cake needed a website quickly, to showcase the amazing (and delicious) creations that come out of their kitchen.

Requirements included, showcasing the products (cakes), amazing photography and a website that was super easy to update.

We quickly pulled together some ideas and chose a design that could really deliver. The result is a fantastic showcase for their products and an increase in orders.

Piece of cake!

Pat a Cake Creations